Map point policy

A policy can be created to define permissions for users connected to the map point. Further policies can be defined to set different permissions for individual users, Organizational Units (OU), membership of AD groups and user groups.

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Edit map point access

Support for file sharing was withdrawn from File Director 2020.3.
If required, refer to archived Link Based Sharing.

1.From the File Director Admin console, click Policy > Map Point Access.

2.Click Edit next to the map point required.

The Map Point Access dialog opens. A new map point will adopt the default settings - it will apply to All Users, and Policies and Platform Access will be set to Off.

The Map Point Access dialog can also be accessed directly from the map point: click Configuration > Map Points > Set policy for this map point.

3. To apply the map point policy to only a selection of users click Add adjacent to the user group required:

Organizational Units - Select the OU container you want to add, and click OK.

User Groups - Select the group name required and click OK.

Individual Users - Select a user name and click OK. If required, click Add to include other individual user names.

4.In the panel on the right configure the settings for users of this map point:

Force read-only - Users cannot modify or upload File Director files.

Platform Access - Set which devices can be used with this map point.
Note, platform access can also be set globally which may result in policy setting conflicts. Refer to the table below for examples.

Platform Global Map Point Effect
Windows On On Users for that map point can access the File Director server through Windows.
Mac On Off Users for that map point cannot access your server on a Mac as the Global setting is overridden.
iOS Off Off Users cannot access your server on an iOS device regardless of their map point.
Android Off On Users cannot access your server on an Android device regardless of their map point as the map point setting is overridden.

1.Click Save.

The Map Point Access settings are applied to users connected to the File Director server who and match the defined criteria.

Policy configuration examples

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