Getting started - File Director iOS app

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  1. Go to the Apple App Store.
  2. In the Apple App Store, search for IvantiFile Director.
  3. Tap Free and then Install.
  4. When installation is complete, tap the app shortcut to open File Director.


You File Director login credentials are supplied by your IT Support Team and you use the same ones for all File Director clients.  Your credentials consist of the following elements:

Element Details
Server address The address of the server to and from which you will upload and download files.
Username Your username is a combination of your login name and domain name - [email protected] or domain\username.
Although it can be a similar format, your username is not an email address.
Password This is usually the password you use to log in to your work computer.

On Windows desktops, the first time you log in to File Director you may have the option to set the location of your File Director folder.

Failed log in

You may not be able to log in because of your credentials, server connection, or due to restrictions your organization has put on File Director use.

Incorrect credentials

The server name, username, or password you have entered is incorrect. Enter your credentials again and if you are still having difficulties or have forgotten your password, contact your IT Support department.

Server is unavailable

Try again when your server is running.

Login is restricted by policy settings

Organizations can configure a range of settings to manage users, which may stop you accessing File Director.

  • File Director is not available on your device type - Your organization has prohibited File Director use on your device type.
  • Your IP address has been restricted - Your IP address falls outside the range of valid IP addresses set by your organization.
  • You have exceeded the maximum unsuccessful login attempts - You have been locked out of File Director due to too many login failures.
  • Your device has been rooted - Your organization does not allow File Director to be used on rooted devices.
  • Your device has not been verified - Your organization requires all devices to be verified before they can be used with File Director.

Contact your IT Support department for help with logging in and for further information about policy settings.

Forgotten password

If you can't remember your password, username, or server address, contact your IT Support department.
Your password is usually synchronized with the one you use to log in to your work computer. If you change this password, you must update your password in File Director.

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