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Function Description
iOS Icon Search

Search - Find specific files in your File Director map point. You can search on file name including file name extensions.
For example, enter pngto filter .png files; or enter project to filter files with 'project' in their file name.

Tap and enter your search criteria - the items in the current view are filtered as you enter text.

To search all files on your map point go the Most Viewed or Most Recent views and search from there. The search returns results from the server and will include all files available - whether you have previously downloaded them or not.

Searches are conducted within the current view only. When searching from the Files view , be aware the search will not apply to any unopened folders.

Context Menu

Function Description

Context menu - Tap the icon to open the context menu. The menu lists the actions currently available and these are determined by the current view and file status.

When opened from the Most Recent view, in addition to available actions the context menu displays the file name and folder location for the selected file.

Download files

If working offline on an iOS device, any files selected for download will be automatically queued. They will download when File Director is next online.

View or download updated files

Depending upon the configuration of File Director, the HD app will retrieve file data from the server at regular intervals and identify when updated or added files are available. The number of updated files available is added to the tab bar icon (see iOS HD app views), and the specific file is highlighted within each relevant view.

In the example illustrated, the text file on the right is highlighted to show an update is available.

Tap the Update/View link to open the update menu.

Tap the View or Download option as required.

Should you wish to abandon the current download process, tap Cancel.

Select and download multiple files

Select and download all files

To select and download all files in your map point at once, use the Select and Select All buttons.

1.From the Most Recent or Files view, tap Select (located at top right of your screen).

2.Tap Select All (bottom left of your screen), then tap Download (bottom right).

3.Depending upon the file size and number, a warning is displayed with an estimate of the download duration.
Tap OK to proceed with the download, or tap Cancel and De-Select All to clear the selection.

Select and download content from specific folders

To download files from specific folders only, the selections can be made from the Files view:

From the Files view, tap Select and then tap the specific folder(s) required to select them. Tap Download and continue from step 3 above.

Remove download

The File Director HD app allows you to remove downloaded files from the cache (or temporary storage) on your local device. This action does not affect files on the server.

If you remove cached files unintentionally, they can be downloaded again and reinstated.

This Remove Download function is available from the context menu and when a file selection is made.

Open in another app

To enable the viewing and updating of files, certain file types can be opened from within File Director using another (third party) application. For example, you may want to open a text document in your preferred text editor app.

Tap the icon () next to the file you wish to open. From the context menu select Open In. Compatible apps are listed. Tap the app required. The file is opened in the selected app and can be edited and saved.

Upload files

Files cannot be uploaded to your File Director server directly from the HD app. Depending upon the configuration settings applied, files can be uploaded to File Directorfrom your iOS mobile device using third-party applications.

For example, to upload a Word (.docx) file, save the file locally to a File Director folder. The file is initially queued, and uploaded to File Director the next time you access the File Director app.

You cannot upload files to read-only folders.

Read-only folders are displayed with an overlay icon:

File Director policy

Note that an organization can apply File Director policy settings to restrict access to File Director and determine what actions they can perform. For example, access can be restricted by platform, IP address, and Organizational Unit (OU).

If you have any queries about your organization's policy settings, contact your IT Support department.

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