File Director powered by AppSense

Ivanti File Director is the new name for AppSense DataNow

File Director for Administrators

What's new?

Version 4.3

OneDrive connector for Home map points

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Command Line Interface

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Version 4.2

Support for Kerberos constrained delegation in cross realm environments

Toggle TLS 1.0

Version 4.1

Dirty block tracing for PST Sync

File prioritization for syncing

Environment variables in In-Location Sync server destinations


Which Ports do I need to configure for File Director?

Which hypervisors are compatible with File Director?

How do I apply a license to my File Director appliance?

Does File Director support clustered infrastructures and allover processing?

How do I access my File Director log files?

How do I update File Director appliance software?

How do I back up the appliance configuration?


The File Director Appliance

Appliance Prerequisites

Install the File DirectorAppliance

Configure the Appliance Network Identity

Appliance Set Up

Apply a File Director Patch

Backup and Restore

Server Configuration

Kerberos authentication


Advanced Configuration Options


Client Configuration

Roll Out File Director to Users

Windows Client Advanced Configuration

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