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What's new in Management Center?

Version 2018.3

Management Database Scheduled Computer Maintenance

In the 10.1 FR4 release we introduced a Maintenance section to the console. This facilitates the creation, modification and status toggling of event housekeeping jobs from the Management console. In the 2018.3 release of the Management Center this maintenance functionality has been extended to allow for the scheduled removal of machines, to simplify ongoing administration.

For more information, see Maintenance

Deployment Group Computer Count

Prior to 10.1 FR2 it was possible from within the Management console to easily see the number of machines per Deployment Group. Following feedback from existing customers, we have reinstated this count allowing an administrator to see how many machines are present within a Deployment Group, for example, when filtering.

For more information, see Deployment Group Computers.

Version 10.1 FR4


New UI for Scheduled Event Maintenance in Home > [Server] > Maintenance.

Create maintenance schedules to remove events from the Management Server database using a range of scheduling options.

Clone Deployment Group

New Clone Deployment Group action in Home > [Server] > Deployment Groups > Actions panel.

All the deployment group settings are cloned with the exception of the Membership Rules. It is not possible to clone the Default deployment group.

Version 10.1 FR3

Scheduled Event Maintenance

New functionality to allow the administrator to schedule event maintenance on the Management Server database.

The functionality is availale as Management Server Powershell cmdlets providing the administrators the ability to target different selection of events and alerts on specified days and times based on criteria such as age of events, event ID or deployment group.

Version 10.1 FR2

Product rebrand to User Workspace Manager (UWM)

The Management Center branding has been updated to reflect that it is now part of the User Workspace Manager (UWM) suite of products, formerly known as DesktopNow.

There may still be references to DesktopNow in certain components, for example in the Registry or Windows Services.

Event Maintenance

New functionality to allow the administrator to remove events and related alerts from the Management Server database. This allows easier management of the size of the database to ensure a high level of console performance.

The functionality is available as Management Server Powershell cmdlets, providing administrators with the ability to target different selections of events and alerts based on criteria such as age of events, event ID or deployment group.

See the Scripting > Start Using PowerShell Cmdlets topic for further details.

Reconciled Discovered Machines

Web Service API and database schema improvements to improve console performance when deploying agent and configurations in large scale environments.

Version 10.1 FR1

Management Center rebrand to Ivanti

The Management Center console has been updated to reflect the new company name of Ivanti.

You may still see references to the AppSense name used in certain areas, such as the Registry or Windows Services.

Console Refresh

The Management Center console has an icon set update in response to customer feedback on the 10.0 console.

SQL Mirroring Support

Support for SQL Mirroring has been reinstated for 10.1 FR1. Please note that our best practice for this use case is to utilize SQL Always On.

Version 10.1

Evaluation Mode Installations

When using Evaluation mode the installer will install the products into the default website using port 80.

Deployment Statistics

The Deployment Statistics feature provides reporting on the number of agents and configurations deployed for each of the User Workspace Manager products. This assists with verifying the following information:

  • Number of agents installed
  • Number of configurations installed
  • Number of installed agents that have polled in within the last 30 days

Upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Management Server, Console, Licensing Console and Agent components have been upgraded to utilize the latest technology stack. The following specific details have been included in v10.1:

  • The .NET framework has been updated to use .NET 4.6.1
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package Update 3 - 14.0.24123.0
  • Installer projects have been updated to use Wix 3.10.2

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 & Microsoft Windows 10 Compatibility

Management Server, Console, Licensing Console and Agent components are all compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Windows 10.

Single Management Center & Server Configuration Portal Log File

A single log file is created in the following locations:

Server Configuration Portal - %ProgramData%\Ivanti\SCU

Management Server - %ProgramData%\Ivanti\Management_[InstanceName]

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