From Management Center version 2023.1, certificates can be deployed from the Management Center.

The Ivanti Deployment Agent installs certificates using both the Agent Schedule and the Configuration Schedule. For more information on Agent and Configuration deployment options, see Deployment Group Settings Installation.

Certificates View

This allows certificates to be deployed to endpoints where they are used as they are needed. Examples include Run as Feature in Environment Manager or for Azure Active Directory support.

You also can use Certificates View to remove and export any certificates that are no longer required.


Add Certificate - Launch the Browse certificate which allows you to navigate the local disks and select a certificate PFX file to add to the list of available certificates on the server. Once you have selected the files, the Certificate Password dialog displays allowing you to enter the password for the PFX file. Can only enter one certificate at a time as the password must be entered individually per certificate.

Remove - Removes the certificate from the database, if they are assigned to groups, they will also be unassigned from the groups, but they are not removed from the endpoint.

Export Certificate - Launches the Save As dialog box allowing you to browse to a location and save a copy of the selected certificate as a PFX file.

Certificate Upload

Packages are uploaded to the Management Server using the Package Upload Wizard accessed from the Add Certificate option on the Actions panel.

Only System Administrators, Package Administrators and users with PackageCreator and PackageModifier privileges can upload a package.

Add Certificates

  1. Navigate to the Package Library node and from the Actions panel select Add Certificate.

    The Browse for Package(s) dialog displays.

  2. Navigate to the certificate location and select the certificate to upload.
  3. Click Open.

    The Certificate Password dialog displays.

  4. Enter and confirm the password, then click OK.

  5. Check the details and click Next. The certificate is uploaded, and the status bar along the bottom of the dialog indicates the progress. Once complete, the Package Upload Complete dialog displays.
  6. Click Finish to exit the Package Upload wizard.

See Package Assignments for the next steps.