Management Center Change Tracking

The Management Center Change Tracking feature tracks every change made in the Management Center, including details about the person who made the change, a summary of the change, and the time stamp of the change.

Using Change Tracking

Understanding Change Tracking

When enabled, Change Tracking records every change and its metadata, including:

  • Date: The date and time that the change occurred, formatted as follows:

    m/d/yyyy h/mm/ss A/PM.

  • User: The domain and User ID of the user who initiated the change.

  • Object: The object that was changed.

  • Overview: A brief summary of the change. For example:

    Group Row 'Windows 10' updated

  • Detail: A detailed description of the change. For example:

    Group Row 'Windows 10' updated: 'SelfUnregistrationEnabled' changed from 'True' to 'False'

These metadata also display at the bottom of the window when a change is selected from the Change Tracking list.

Using Change Tracking

To enable or disable the Change Tracking feature:

  1. Click Change Tracking in the Home menu.

  2. Click Enable Tracking or Disable Tracking in the Actions menu.

Management Center also allows you to export and delete history. From the Actions menu:

  1. Click Export History to export changes into a .csv file for reviewing large amounts of data.

  2. Click Delete History to delete the changes currently recorded in Management Center's history.

There are two ways to view the details of a change:

  1. Right click an item and select an option from the context menu:

    • Show Detail: Opens a window with additional details about the change.

    • Reset Layout: Resets the Personalization Change History layout to default.

    • Copy Line: Copies the data in the line item.

  2. Select an item to expand, and click Show Detail.