What's new in Performance Manager?

Version 2018.3 SP1

There are no new features.

Version 10.1 FR2

Product Rename to User Workspace Manager

DesktopNow has been rebranded to User Workspace Manager

Version 10.1 FR1

Console rebrand to Ivanti

The Performance Manager console has been updated to reflect the new company name of Ivanti.

You may still see references to the AppSense name used in certain areas, such as the Registry or Windows Services.

Console refresh

The Performance Manager console has an icon set update in response to customer feedback on the 10.0 console.

Version 10.1

Removal of Memory Optimizer

The following console functionality has been removed:

  • User Memory tab.
  • Optimizer and User Memory references from the Features Usage tab.
  • The Resource Configuration tree view > Global Resources > Memory Optimizer node.
  • The Memory Optimizer view.

Removal of Optimizer Monitor

The following console functionality has been removed:

  • Optimizer Monitor navigation bar.
  • Monitoring references within the Performance Manager ribbon.

Removal of Disk Scheduling

The Disk Scheduling functionality has been removed.

Removal of Performance Manager Agent Driver

The removal of the driver from the agent means that no reboot is required on installation.

Support for Windows Server 2016

Performance Manager is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2016.