Single User Operations

Support Desk users can manage current settings and backups for single users. After selecting a single user, you can choose to manage either current settings or backups, for which you can perform "quick" or custom tasks.

Search for a User

  1. On the Home page, enter the leading characters of the username for the user, and click the Search icon.

    You can include a user's domain in the search by adding it before the user's name, preceded by a backslash, for example FINANCE\johnsmith. You can also enter just the first part of the domain and username too, for example FIN\john.

    The list below the search text box displays the matching usernames.

  2. In the list of results, select a user.

    The Manage User's Current Settings and Manage User's Backups buttons are now active. The buttons become active only if data exists for the user. If there are no current settings or backups to modify, the buttons remain inactive.

Personalization Data Operations for Single Users

Use the following buttons to access the features that manage personalization data for single users:

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