Add/Change Upgrade Path Location Dialog Box

Specify where the files are located for the agent self-upgrade.

Getting There

To specify where the agent upgrade package (the files for the agent self-upgrade feature) is located:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Enter a UNC or a mapped drive that is accessible to machines on which the CAM Agent is installed.
    • Click Browse to find the folder on the network share location where you installed the agent upgrade package.
      The path must be accessible to other computers. If, for example, the folder resides on the same machine as CAM Administrator, browse to the network name of the machine instead of the local drive.
  2. Click OK.
This dialog box is called Add Upgrade Path Location when you are adding a location for these files, and Change Upgrade Path Location when you select an existing location in the Self-upgrade tab in the Agent Options dialog box and select Change.