Machine Properties Advanced Tab

Set heartbeat and CSID options for the selected Windows machine(s).

To Set Heartbeat Options

The Heartbeat option is in the Agent Options Advanced tab and applies to all Windows machines on which the CAM Agent is installed in your network. You can set the following heartbeat options here for the selected Windows machine(s) only:

  • Optimize for disconnected state: Select this option if you want to turn off the heartbeat window for the selected machine(s). Doing so might be useful, for example, in situations where you have isolated laptop machines that might have only intermittent connection to the access point. Disabling the heartbeat window for these machines makes it more likely that they will check in to their access point when they are connected.
  • Optimize for Citrix published applications: Recommended: Select this option on machines that connect to Citrix servers. When you select this option, the machine will check in when the user logs in.

To Set CSID Options

If you enabled automatic contribution to the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID), either by answering Yes to the relevant dialog box upon startup or by selecting the option in the Options Advanced tab, you can exclude any machine from this process. To exclude the selected machine(s), select Exclude from automatic CSID contribution scanning.