Asset Template Asset Types Tab

You can add, rename, or delete asset types.

Getting There

Asset types listed here will appear in the General tab of the New Asset dialog box, so that whenever you add or modify an asset, you can specify the type of device.

By default, the following asset types are already defined:

  • Backup device
  • Data storage
  • Firewall
  • Printer
  • Router
  • Server
  • Switch

To add another asset type:

  1. Click New to open the New Asset Type dialog box.

    After you enter a type in that dialog box, it will appear in the Asset Types box, as well as in the Asset type drop-down list box in New Assets dialog box.

  2. Click OK.

To rename or delete an existing asset type:

  1. Select an asset type, then select Rename or Delete.
  2. Click OK.
This topic applies to the Asset Types tab of the Asset Template dialog box, and to the Asset Types dialog box you can open from the New Asset/Asset Properties dialog box. Regardless of the method you use to open this tab or dialog box, the presented options are the same and are configured the same way.