Asset Template Custom Asset Data Tab

Fields you create here are added to your asset template, and also appear in the User-defined tab of the New Asset dialog box.

Getting There

This tab displays any custom asset fields you've created: their label (name), description, and type.  

You can create custom fields here, as well as modify, delete, and change the order of any custom fields you've already created.

To create a custom field:

  1. Click New to open the New Custom Data Property dialog box.
  2. Enter a label, description, and type for the field.

To modify a custom field:

  • Select it from the list and select Change.

To delete a custom field:

  • Select it from the list and select Delete. You are not prompted to confirm the delete, so make sure you've selected the appropriate field.

To change the order of existing fields:

  • Click a field and use the up and down arrow buttons to move it to the appropriate location.

When you're finished adding, modifying, deleting, or ordering custom fields, select OK to save your changes, or select Cancel to exit the dialog box without saving your changes.

You can only create custom asset data fields if your site is licensed to use the Inventory feature; check the Licensed Features section of the Status panel to find out if this feature is available to you.