Configure Oracle Database Discovery Dialog Box

You can configure Oracle database discovery and view existing discovery configurations.

Getting There

Prerequisite: Before you can run Oracle database discovery, run Linux/Unix/Mac OS discovery, and virtual environment discovery if you have Oracle databases running on virtual machines. Once you do that, you must configure Oracle database discovery for at least one machine before you can launch the Oracle database discovery process to collect Oracle licensing information.

Oracle database discovery is not currently supported on Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems.

Existing discovery configurations are shown in the box, and selected check boxes specify which configurations to run. Before you run Oracle database discovery, the following information is shown for each configuration:

  • IP address
  • Machine name
  • Service name
  • Protocol
  • Port number
  • Database name
  • User name
  • Notes (if any)

Once you run discovery, the following information about the discovered Oracle database instances is also listed:

  • Database version
  • Sid (along with the Service name, this field represents how the instance is configured to accept incoming connections)
  • Admin service
  • Last run
  • Last result

The Oracle database discovery process runs on any selected machines the next time you run discovery or a scheduled discovery runs.

To change or remove existing configurations:

  1. Select one or more existing configurations. Use the Check All or Uncheck All buttons to select or clear all configurations at one time.
  2. Select Change to modify a configuration or Remove to delete one or more configurations.