Move Suites to New License Unit Dialog Box

Move suites to a new license unit, and verify that the correct suite is included.

Getting There

To move suites to a new license unit:

  1. Complete the fields in the New License Unit section:
    1. Name: In this text box, either accept the name suggestion or type a new name. The name you use here is the name that will show up in the License Units panel for the license unit you are creating.
    2. Version pattern: In this text box, specify what version(s) of the selected application to include in the new license unit. When a new version of this application is identified, the value you specify here determines whether the new version is included in this license unit. You can specify that the license unit include only a specific version (for example, 2.0), or use an * (asterisk) to specify that major versions (2.*) or minor versions (2.0.*) are also included.
  2. Selected suites: Verify that the applications you want moved to this new license unit are listed.
  3. When you are finished entering and verifying information, select OK. The new license unit will be created, and will include the specified suites.