Inventory Multiple IP Addresses Dialog Box

You can inventory multiple Windows machines using their IP addresses.

To inventory multiple IP addresses:

  1. Enter the IP address subnet in the boxes at the bottom of the dialog box. The fourth box acts as a wildcard, so that all IP addresses in the specified subnet are shown when you select Display.
  2. In most cases, you should keep the Perform DNS lookup check box selected. That way, Cherwell Asset Management only presents a list of IP addresses that are resolved to their associated machine names. If you uncheck this check box, the entire range of IP addresses is shown, without machine names.
  3. Select which machines you want to inventory, then select Inventory.
  4. Specify the access point. The access point is the where the inventory agent will report, and it is also used for the domain or local machine administrator credentials required to install the agent. You can also specify other settings in this dialog box.
Any machines that already have the CAM Agent installed on them are inventoried by that agent; on other selected machines, the CAM Agent is temporarily installed and then removed when the inventory is complete.