New Asset General Tab

Use this tab to view the basic properties of a selected asset, or to add a new asset to your Cherwell Asset Management configuration.

Getting There

When you add a new asset, you are required to enter a name for it. All other fields are optional. You can enter, change, or view the following information for the current asset:

  • Name: The name of the asset you are viewing or adding. This is the only required field in this tab.
  • Serial #: If you enter a serial number for the asset, the serial number must not match the serial number of any other asset that has the same name.
  • Description: A text description of the asset.
  • Asset type (list box): By default, these types are listed: Backup device, Data storage, Firewall, Printer, Router, Server, Switch, <Unknown>, and <New...>. The default is <Unknown>. Selecting <New...> opens a dialog box where you can define a new asset type.
  • Asset Types (button): Opens a dialog box where you can add, rename, or delete asset types.
  • IP address: The IP address of the asset.
  • Manufacturer: This box is blank until you select the accompanying button and select a manufacturer from the list in the dialog box that opens.
  • Location: Information about the device's physical location.
  • Owner: The owner of the device.
  • Notes: Any additional text to describe the device.
If an existing asset is selected, its name appears in the title bar, followed by Properties (example: HR Printer Properties). If you are adding a new asset, New Asset is shown in the title bar.