New/Change Custom Asset Data Property Dialog Box

Getting There

Use this dialog box to enter information for any custom asset data fields you want to create. Any fields you create here are added to the asset template and are then available in the User-defined tab of the New Asset/Asset Properties dialog box for completion whenever you add or modify an asset.

  1. Enter a label (name) for your custom field.
  2. Enter a description for your custom field.
  3. Select the type of field to add. You can select these types of fields:
    • Text: A field that accepts alphanumeric input; the maximum length of a text field is 255 characters.
    • Number: A field that accepts only whole number input (for say, indicating quantities).
    • Currency: A field that accepts input in currency format only.
    • Date: A field that allows you to select a date.
    • Shortcut: A field where you enter a location for a document that contains purchasing information. The document you specify becomes available as a hyperlink in the Other Assets report in Reporting
      Select Test to test the shortcut.
  4. When you are finished entering information for your custom field, select OK to return to the Custom Asset Data tab of the Asset Template dialog box.
  5. Select OK again.
This dialog box is called New Custom Data Property if you are adding a new field. If you are modifying an existing field, this dialog box is called Change Custom Data Property.