Agent Options Advanced Tab

You can specify heartbeat and terminal server usage for machines that have the CAM Agent installed on them.

This topic applies to Windows machines only.

Use this tab to specify the following options:


Use these options to specify how often machines that have the CAM Agent installed on them will contact their associated access point.

  • Heartbeat: The default heartbeat rate is 2 hours. Note that a change to the heartbeat rate will not fully take effect on a given machine until the agent next checks in with the access point.
  • Heartbeat window: This option specifies how much the heartbeat rate can vary among machines reporting to the same access point, and is used to ensure a degree of randomness to prevent all machines associated with the same access point from checking in at the same time when the access point is restored after going offline.

    Recommendation: Use the same value here as for the Heartbeat option above.

    • The smaller the Heartbeat window value (though still nonzero), the closer to a regular interval the heartbeats will be.
    • The default window is 2 hours, and you cannot set this value higher than the Heartbeat value specified above.
    • You can disable this option for individual machines in the Machine Properties Advanced tab.

Terminal server usage

The option in this section, Ignore remote usage through terminal server, specifies whether to collect data from machines that have the agent installed on them and are connected to terminal servers and Citrix servers on your network.

This option is useful, for example, in situations where a user is away from the office and needs to check email from a machine that is not controlled by your organization (for example, from a kiosk or Internet cafe). The user can connect to your organization's network, but it is not necessary or appropriate to collect usage data from that machine.

When this option is selected, usage data from these machines is ignored, provided these machines do not have the CAM Agent installed on them and that they are not present in Active Directory, your local NT domain, or any machine group you've created. Since Cherwell Asset Management will not manage these machines, they will not consume a  metering license.

If you later add one of these machines to Active Directory, your local NT domain, or a machine group, Cherwell Asset Management will automatically start managing those machines.