Network Device Properties General Tab

Getting There

Use this tab to view properties of the selected network device. You can also open the Network Device Summary report for the selected network device from here by selecting the hyperlink at the top right.

The following information is displayed for the current network device, if available:

  • Device name
  • Manufacturer
  • General description of the device
  • Type of device
  • Serial number
  • IP address
  • Physical address: The device's MAC address
  • Uptime of device, in <days>, <hours>:<minutes>:<seconds> format
  • Status of device
  • Services: Information on the device's function
  • Contact person for this device
  • Location of device as configured by device system administrator
  • Agent managed: Whether the CAM Agent collects data from this device
  • Date and time device was found by discovery process
The name of the selected network device is shown in the title bar in place of the words "network device."