License Unit Properties Advanced Tab

You can set additional license unit options.

If the current license unit represents an operating system, check the This license is an operating system check box.

In the Application versions section, the following options specify how Cherwell Asset Management consolidates application versions:

  • In most cases, leave the Track each version separately option (the default) selected.
  • Ignore version specifies that Cherwell Asset Management will only track an application by its name.
    If you select this option, support files may be removed from other license units. This is irreversible.

When you track each version separately, Cherwell Asset Management uses the pattern in the version level field to determine whether a particular version of the application is configured into this license unit. By default, * groups all versions into one license unit. You can change this pattern to specify different groupings.

Example: If the pattern is 5.*, only versions whose major number is 5 will be automatically added. Other versions will go into a separate license unit.

The name of the selected license unit precedes the words "License Unit Properties" in the title bar.