Discover Linux/Unix/Mac OS Machines

CAM Discovery's Linux/Unix/Mac OS discovery feature provides agentless inventory capabilities for supported non-Windows systems.

It works by connecting to such systems over the SSH protocol and issuing standard shell commands to generate data required to gather information about machine hardware and software. Once data is collected, you can do things like configure applications you want to track into license units, run reports, and track purchasing information.

Certain commands may require administrative-level privileges, so in order for discovery and data collection to successfully run, each machine you want to discover must meet these conditions:

  • Allow SSH connections.

  • Have a user that is allowed to connect via the SSH protocol and elevate to administrator (see More on the "sudo" Command).

Once configured, the Linux/Unix/Mac OS discovery process automatically runs at 2:30 AM each Sunday by default.

To clear this option, go to the Options dialog box, then select the Schedule tab.

Change how frequently discovery runs in the Windows Task Scheduler. Select the Linux, Unix, Mac OS Discovery task under the Cherwell Asset Management node.