How to Change the Location of Web Components

This topic applies to on-premises installations.

To change the location of web components (Authentication, License Analytics, Purchasing, Reporting, and CAM SaaS Analytics):

  1. Select the Status panel. In the Web Component Locations section, select Configure.
  2. In the Configure Web Component Locations dialog box, specify whether all web components are installed on single or different machines, then enter the URL(s). Entering fully-qualified domain names is recommended in all cases, and required when using multiple locations.
    If you change the CAM SaaS Analytics URL, the CAM SaaS Analytics service must be restarted.
  3. Select OK.
If you plan to use Internet Explorer (IE) to access the web components, ensure that the name of the machine on which you install these components does not include an underscore character. There are known issues with IE storing cookies on machines whose names include an underscore.