How to Delete a Network Device

To delete a network device, do one of the following in the Network Devices panel:

  • Select the network device, right-click your selection, and select Delete.
  • Select the network device and select Delete.
  • Move the network device to the Deleted devices folder in the left pane.
  • Select the network device and select Edit > Delete.

The network device(s) you deleted now appear in the Deleted devices folder.

You can permanently remove network devices from the Deleted devices folder by selecting them and then select Delete, or by right-clicking your selection and selecting Delete. You can also right-click the Deleted devices folder and select Empty "Deleted devices" folder to permanently remove all deleted devices.

By default, you are prompted to confirm the permanent delete action. You can turn off this confirmation option by selecting the check box in the dialog box that displays the prompt, or in the Warnings tab of the Options dialog box.