How to Determine if CAM Created or Modified License Units

In the License Units panel, you can find out whether listed license units were last modified by the system administrator, or by Cherwell Asset Management itself during an automatic identification process. This information can be helpful to system administrators who want to sort out which license units they've already modified (for example, by controlling access to an application), and which license units were newly added or remain unchanged since their files were automatically converted to license units.

To determine whether any license units were created or modified:

  • In the License Units panel, find the CAM-edited column in the right pane.
    • Any "No" entries in this column indicate that a system administrator last updated the corresponding license unit.
    • Any "Yes" entries in this column indicate that Cherwell Asset Management last created or modified the corresponding license unit. As system administrator, you may want to review these license units to see if you want to change their default configurations.