How to Install the CAM Database

This topic applies to on-premises installations.

The CAM Database is installed when you run the Cherwell Asset Management Setup program on your SQL Server machine and select the appropriate Setup options. You should first determine whether to install only the database on the server machine, or to install the other Cherwell Asset Management components as well.

To install the CAM Database:

  1. Run camsetup.exe from your SQL Server machine. Verify that SQL Server is installed and continue.
  2. In the Feature Selection screen of the Setup program, make sure the CAM Database is selected, as well as any other Cherwell Asset Management components you want to install on the current machine.
  3. Continue with the Setup program until finished.
  4. If you're installing the other components on another machine, run Setup from that machine and in the Feature Selection screen, clear the CAM Database option.  

Once the CAM Database is installed, you can select it from the CAM Database dialog box in CAM Administrator to connect to it.

Initialization of the CAM Database requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework is installed. If your database server machine is not running .NET or if you do not have authorization to run Setup directly on the database machine, you can install the tools required to create and initialize the CAM Database on your local machine and run them against a remote machine. To do this, choose Remote Database Install from the initial setup screen. After the tools are installed, read RemoteCAMDatabase.txt for further information about performing a remote database installation.