How to Set Up a Network Share Location

You need to set up a network share location before running inventory from it.

You only need to do this once.

Prepare the Network Share Location

  1. Create a network share location with read-only access. If you plan to use the same location to write the generated output files, grant read-write access by other machines to this network share.
  2. From a machine that has the CAM Agent installed on it, such as the Administrator's machine, go to the following location:
    • 64-bit Windows: C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64\\wex4962
    • 32-bit Windows: C:\\Windows\\System32\\wex4962
  3. Copy these files to the share:
    Some of these files are hidden. In order to see and copy them, go to Windows Explorer and select the option to show hidden files and folders.
    • AgentShared.dll
    • ApplicationCollection.exe
    • EmInvCli.exe
    • EMInvCli.exe.config
    • EmInvCliExtend.dll
    • InventoryAgent.dll
    • log4net.dll
    • MaterialSkin.dll
    • Microsoft.Threading.Tasks.dll
    • QueryHelp.dll
    • SQLite.Interop.dll
    • System.Data.SQLite.dll
    • System.Data.SQLite.EF6.dll
    • System.Data.SQLite.Linq.dll
    • System.Threading.Tasks.dll
    • Unity.Abstractions.dll
    • Unity.Container.dll