How to Inventory Machines

The information in this topic applies to Windows machines only.

Normally, inventories of machines that have the CAM Agent installed on them are done on a scheduled basis. You can inventory machines on demand if you want to re-inventory a machine before its normally scheduled date, or quickly inventory a machine that is not running the CAM Agent.

To do an on-demand inventory of machines:

  1. In the Machines panel, select the machine or machines you want to inventory.
  2. Right-click your selection and select Inventory on the context-sensitive menu.

    Alternate method: You can also select the Machine menu, point to Inventory, and then select Selected Machines.

  3. Select the CAM Access Point that the agents will report to, supply the required credentials.
  4. If the machine communicates through a proxy server, mark the Save proxy settings to agent machine box, and complete the related options.
  5. Click Inventory.

The on-demand inventory begins. The status bar at the bottom right of the window will display a message when the process is complete. Click F5 to refresh the Machines panel.

Machines with the CAM Agent already installed are inventoried immediately; on those that do not, the agent is installed on them long enough to perform the inventory, and then the agent is removed.