Other Assets Panel

The Other Assets panel lists all assets (devices that are not SNMP-enabled) that have been manually added to your CAM Database.

The Other Assets panel only displays information if your site is licensed to use Cherwell Asset Management's inventory component. Contact us if you need to upgrade your license.

The left pane shows all the assets you've configured, grouped into the following categories:

  • By manufacturer: All known manufacturers, along with the assets associated with them.
  • By asset type: All assets, organized by type: Backup device, Data storage, Firewall, and so on. You can add, rename, and delete asset types.
  • Full list: All known assets you've added.
  • Deleted assets: Any assets you've deleted.
  • Any asset groups you've created.

When you select a category in the tree on the left, the right pane displays the list of assets that fall into that category, along with the following information for each, if available (if entered when the asset was added).