Setup Checklist Display Options

The Setup Checklist is docked to the right-hand side of CAM Administrator and is always visible by default, but you can change how and whether it is displayed. Select the down arrow at the top right of the Setup Checklist window to select another display option:

  • Floating Window: Sets the Setup Checklist to be its own small window, not docked to any part of the display. You can move it and resize it as needed. To choose another display option while in this mode, right-click the title bar.
  • Dock to Right (the default): Sets the Setup Checklist to be docked to the top right-hand corner and always visible. You can resize it while it's docked.
  • Auto Hide: Sets the Setup Checklist to only be visible when you position the mouse over the small Setup Checklist tab visible at the far right of the display.

You can also select View > Setup Checklist to toggle its visibility.