Work Queue

Open the Work Queue

The Work Queue is a window that lists in-progress and to-be-completed tasks that it runs in the background. These are tasks that affect the CAM Database and are initiated by actions you take in CAM Administrator or with CAM Agents. Examples of tasks that can appear in the Work Queue include inventorying machines, saving changes to license units, and deleting machines.

The Work Queue lists each task, the date and time the task was added to the queue, and the status of task. When queued tasks are completed, they are removed from the list. If a task cannot be completed after three attempts, the task is removed from the Work Queue and information about the error is saved to the event log, but Work Queue information is not saved in the history log.

By default, the Work Queue is hidden, but you can change how and whether it is displayed. You can also select Work Queue on the View menu to toggle its visibility.

The Work Queue service is installed with the CAM Administration Service component.