Administrator Status Panel

When you start CAM Administrator, the Status Panel provides a summary for your entire Cherwell Asset Management configuration.

Select any link on this page or the icons in the left pane to navigate to different panels. A Setup Checklist window is on the right, and the Work Queue window may appear at the bottom of the screen; select the X at the top right of these windows to hide them.

The Status panel is divided into the following sections:

License Units/Applications

The total number of license units.

Unconfigured Applications

Applications, organized by platform, that haven't yet been configured into license units.


The number of computers on your network that have the CAM Agent installed on them, as well as the number of Cherwell Asset Management licenses currently in use on your network, broken out by the number of licenses for the inventory and metering features.

This section also includes the number of machines that are running an earlier version of the CAM Agent and the current version available to be installed. Using the current version of the agent software is recommended. Pre-10.0 versions are not supported.

Network Devices

The total number of network devices discovered on your network.

Other Assets

The total number of other assets that you've configured in Cherwell Asset Management.


The number of total users.

Hosted Installations

Information about the remote host and the version number of the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID).

On-Premises Installations

Information about the CAM database, including:

  • The name of the server machine on which the CAM database is running.
  • The database name.
  • The version of Microsoft SQL Server in use.
  • The date the database was created.
  • The database version number.
  • The version number of the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID) installed, and a link for updating the CSID if a newer version is available.

If you are running an evaluation license of Cherwell Asset Management or your subscription is expiring, this section also includes your license expiration date. Select this link to learn how to purchase a full license.

Licensed Features

Information about what Cherwell Asset Management functionality you are licensed to use. Select Change to upgrade your license. You can also specify whether to automatically meter new license units.

Administration Servers

Information about the CAM Administration Service, a collection of services that provide most of the administrative functionality in Cherwell Asset Management.

Access Points

Information about the CAM Access Point (or the CAM Access Point Proxy in hosted installations), the web services that handle the communication between the CAM Agents and the CAM database. Select Alerts to set up alerts that notify you via email when an access point becomes unavailable.

Web Component Locations

This section includes URL locations to the following:

  • Authentication
  • License Analytics
  • Purchasing
  • Reporting
  • SaaS Analytics

CAM Authentication: Select Configure to specify URLs for all web components.

CSM Authentication: Copy the links and paste them into a browser.


The number of administrators who are currently logged in. Select the hyperlink to see who is logged in from which machine.

User Policies

CAM Authentication: Information about Administrator, Reporting & License Analytics, and Purchasing user policies. It shows whether policies are enabled or disabled for Administrator, Reporting & License Analytics, and Purchasing.

CSM Authentication: Access to Cherwell Asset Management is controlled by Cherwell Service Management. See Overview: Authentication and authorization for general information, and for help with specific options.