Files Panel

Search for and view information about files in the CAM Database that have been inventoried or recorded as launched by the CAM Agent.

  1. Search for files that meet your criteria. See How to Search for Files for more information.
  2. From the list of files shown in Search results, you can perform various tasks, including configuring files into license units or marking them as files you don't care about.

When one or more files are selected, right-click your selection to perform various tasks, such as adding the file(s) to a new or existing license unit, or checking a file's properties and location.

You can customize which of the following columns are visible by right-clicking a column header.

If the file is recognized as belonging to, or closely matching, an application in the CSID, it also includes:

  • Application name (displayed by default)
  • Version
  • Company who manufactured the application (if available)
  • Product information
  • ID