License Units Panel

The License Units panel lists all configured license units, and you can complete various tasks from here.

Use the Search text box at the top of the panel to search for license units by License Unit Name. Wildcards are automatically added to the beginning and end of the text you enter.
Wildcards in text (example: li*ux) are not supported.

To search for license units:

  • Select the License Units group folder on the left to search, then enter text in the box.

    - or -

  • Press Ctrl+F from anywhere in the License Units panel to start typing in the search box.


  • If you don't see the expected results, verify that the correct license unit group is selected in the left pane.
  • Select the topmost group, License Units, to search all license units.

    To clear the results, do one of the following:

    • Select X.
    • Search for an empty string.
    • Select a different group.

License Unit Groups

Configured license units are grouped into the following categories:

  • By platform: License units grouped by the operating system they run on: Linux, Mac OS, Unix, Windows, and Multiple (for license units that have applications found on more than one platform).
  • By manufacturer: All known manufacturers, along with the license units associated with them.
  • By license type: All license units, organized by license type, such as concurrent, freeware, per core, etc.
  • By category group: All predefined software category groups (indicated with folder icons) and software categories within those groups (indicated with gray icons). Icons that also show a "person" icon indicate that the category group or category was created by a user.
  • By purchase required: All license units, organized by value for the Purchase required setting: Yes, No, and Unknown.
  • Full list: All known license units.
  • Deleted license units: Any license units you've deleted.
  • Any license unit groups you've created.

The larger pane on the right lists all the license units that fall under the currently selected folder. You can customize which of the following columns are visible by right-clicking a column header.

When you select a license unit in the left pane, the right pane shows the applications or suites that make up the license unit. When you select a suite in the left pane, the right pane shows its applications.

Other Tasks

Right-click one or more license units to open a context-sensitive menu. From here, you can add an application or suite to the license unit, enable metering, specify the type of licensing agreement, or view license unit properties.