Purchase Required Setting

You can use the Purchase required setting in the General tab of the License Unit Properties dialog box to specify whether an actual purchase is required in order for that license unit to be considered compliant. Almost all software titles require that you agree to licensing terms when you install, but some (for example, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, and .NET) do not require any form of payment. The options for the Purchase required setting are Yes, No, and Unknown. Here are some tips on how to use these options:

  • Select Yes for any license units for which you do want to require purchases. Doing so will make it easier for you to manage your site's long list of license units, and to use filters in reports.
  • Select No for any license units that don't require payment (such as those mentioned above).
  • For automatically configured applications, the CSID determines this setting.
  • If this setting is set to Unknown, this means that there is no purchasing data available for that license unit. This choice is the best option for license units that are not important to monitor for compliance, or for which you have not yet entered purchasing information. You can always change this setting later.