CAM System License Units

A CAM System License Unit is a license unit that Cherwell Asset Management automatically configures that contains the applications that are also included in a GUID-based license unit that was automatically configured. For example, the applications that make up the Microsoft Office suite (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and so on) are CAM System License Units.

You can use the CAM System License Units dialog box to specify which of these license units are to be hidden and displayed.

The most common reason to use this feature is to make visible previously hidden license units that contain the applications mentioned above. Most organizations won't need to use this feature.

Hidden CAM System License Units will automatically become visible if a machine launches or inventories them. For example, if a machine has a standalone version (not part of Microsoft Office) of Microsoft Word, the Microsoft Word CAM System License Unit will change from hidden to visible as soon as that machine is inventoried or Microsoft Access is launched from that machine. You can view the CAM History report for the license unit to see why it became visible.