How Cherwell Asset Management Works in an On-premises Installation

The CAM architecture diagram illustrates how data flows in on-premises installations.

CAM collects and uses data in on-premises installations as follows:

  • The CAM Agent captures information about applications present on the machine (inventory), when those applications are started and stopped (metering), and some configuration data.
  • This information is passed to the CAM Access Point, which manages communications between the agent and the database. Organizations may use multiple access points (for example, for scalability reasons or to provide separate access points for certain domains).
  • The access point passes the information to the CAM database, which stores the collected data. You should only have one CAM database.
  • When you open CAM Administrator, the collected information passes through the CAM Administration Service. The CAM Administration Service includes all the administrative services to support presenting the information to CAM Administrator and the ability to perform tasks like automatically configure license units and run discovery.
  • The authentication service facilitates secure communications between agents, web applications, and the CAM database and CSM Database.
  • Comprehensive reporting of collected and processed data is presented via the Reporting, Purchasing, and CAM SaaS Analytics web applications, which run on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and are accessible from a browser.
  • Web sockets are enabled when you run CAM Setup and install CAM SaaS Analytics.
  • Using the data collected from CAM Administrator and Purchasing, License Analytics evaluates your organization's compliance with contractually specified rights for certain Microsoft products.  

Download CAM

To download the latest CAM image:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Downloads.
  3. Select Cherwell Asset Management.