Machine Summary Report

Getting There

The Machine Summary report includes the following for the selected machine, where applicable and available:

  • Hardware Summary: Basic hardware information such as IP address, CPU type and speed, RAM, BIOS information, and more.
  • Disk Drive Summary: Disk drive information including drive letter and type, and maximum and available free space.
  • Purchasing Assignments: Information on purchasing assignments for this machine, as entered in Purchasing. This information includes order date and number, line item name, unit price, and assignment type.
  • Services: Status, start mode, and path information for available services.
  • Network Adapter Summary: Connection information, including IP configuration, as well as any Ethernet and wireless connection data.
  • Custom Machine Properties: System information, including information on installed devices.
  • Application Inventory Summary: Installed applications, including application name, version, and install path(s).

If you are licensed to collect metering data, you can also select the View Activity Log option at the top of the report. This opens an activity log for the selected machine in a separate window.