Remote Desktop Connection

If you use the Windows Remote Desktop Connection accessory on the machine where you run CAM Administrator, you can launch that accessory directly from CAM Administrator.

This is useful, for example, if you're using CAM Administrator to troubleshoot a remote machine and you need to connect to that machine to investigate the problem. For example, you can use this feature to easily check a remote machine's CAM Agent installation folder (%windows%\system32\wex4962 on 32-bit machines, %windows%\syswow64\wex4962 on 64-bit machines) to investigate why installation of the CAM Agent failed.

You don't have to leave CAM Administrator to open the Remote Desktop Connection. Instead, you can simply right-click the remote machine from the Machines panel and select Launch Remote Desktop Connection to view the remote machine's desktop.


  • You can select the Launch Remote Desktop Connection item from the Machine menu or from a context-sensitive pop-up menu when the accessory itself is installed and you've selected a single machine.
  • If the remote connection fails for any reason, the Windows Remote Desktop Connection, not Cherwell Asset Management, provides feedback on the cause.