If a URL Is Not Listed for Web Component Locations

 This topic applies to on-premises installations.

If you don't see a URL for Authentication, Reporting, Purchasing, or License Analytics on the Status panel, you may have issues with upgrading or Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration.

Upgrade Issues

If you are upgrading to this version of Cherwell Asset Management and you don't see URLs for Reporting, Purchasing, or License Analytics, make sure the appropriate components are installed:

  1. Run the Cherwell Asset Management Setup program (camsetup.exe) on the appropriate machine.  
  2. The Requirements Check dialog box the components that are already installed. Depending on which component you're checking, select the Reporting, Purchasing, or License Analytics component to verify that the machine meets the requirements for it.
  3. Follow the prompts to modify the existing installation. In the Feature Selection dialog box, make sure the Reporting, Purchasing, or License Analytics item is set to This feature will be installed on local hard drive.

IIS Issues

See Technical Note 1082 for additional information on IIS.