Change History

Cherwell Asset Management saves a record of changes made to your configuration. Viewing this change history log can be helpful, for example, if you have multiple administrators and need to keep track of changes each administrator makes, such as installing the CAM Agent to new machines, configuring files into license units, and so on. The ability to view a record of these changes can also be helpful in diagnosing any issues that may arise in your configuration.

What Kinds of Changes Are Saved to the Change History Log?

You can view the change history for the following objects in your CAM configuration:

  • Assets
  • Contracts
  • License units
  • Machines
  • Network devices
  • Orders
  • Profiles
  • Users
  • Other


  • Basic information such as the date and time a change was made, and by which user, is saved in the change history log. Specific information on a change, such as an object's new value, is not always available.
  • You can right-click on the above objects and select CAM History to view information about when the objects were created or changed.
  • Information on the Work queue is not saved to the change history log.