Problems with Discovery

Issues with Active Directory Discovery

Active Directory discovery may not bring back information on all machines, users, and groups in very large Active Directory environments. If Active Directory discovery fails, you can do one of the following:

  • Use NT domain discovery
  • Install machines by name or IP address
  • Limit discovery to specific organizational units (OUs)

Issues with Limiting Discovery by OU

Active Directory discovery works by determining what groups a particular machine belongs to by looking at its "member-of" property. (The member-of property is a list of all the groups the machine is a member of.) Machines can be a member of a group that's in a different OU than the machine is in. Therefore, it's possible that you could restrict discovery to a given OU that contains only references to machines that are actually in another OU. Unless you are also discovering machines in the other OU, Cherwell Asset Management may not discover the machines you are interested in. To prevent this from happening, examine your OUs and machine groups carefully before limiting discovery to specific OUs.

If you receive a syntax error when you enter an OU path in the Add Active Directory OU Path dialog box, see Syntax Issues with Limiting Discovery to an OU for help.