Problems with Metering

This topic describes what to do to correct these metering problems:

  • Issues with manually setting system clocks
  • Issues with nonsynchronized clocks
  • Issues with offline machines
  • Reporting delays in license usage counts

Issues with Manually Setting System Clocks

You may experience problems with the metering agent on machines that have had the system clock manually set forward. The WMI event mechanism that Cherwell Asset Management uses for application launch and termination notifications stops posting events when the system clock is set forward.

for example, if the system clock is set forward by 10 minutes, Cherwell Asset Management will not receive events during that period of time.

To correct this problem, restart the agent by logging out and back in again, or reboot the machine.

Issues with Nonsynchronized Clocks

The agent clock and the SQL Server clock need to remain in sync, or the following issues may occur:

  • If the agent reports a launch 15 minutes or more in the future according to the time on the SQL server or 15 minutes before the database was created, the launch is reported as failed due to invalid time reported.
  • If the agent reports that an application was terminated before the actual launch is reported because the clock was set while the application was running, or the termination occurs 15 minutes or more in the future, the launch is reported as failed due to invalid time reported.

These events will be indicated in the notes field of any activity log reports you run in Reporting.

Reporting Delays in License Usage Counts

When you change the Meter suite applications individually option in the Advanced tab of the Options dialog box after application usage has already been metered, all suite applications must be shut down on users' machines before the new option can take effect. This means that license usage counts in any reports you run between the time you changed the option and the time all affected applications are closed may be incorrect.