Proxy Server Options

This topic describes the proxy server options that are available in the dialog boxes from which you launch the installation or inventorying of the CAM Agent. Use these options if the machine needs to use a proxy server.

The options are:

  • Save proxy settings to agent machine: Marking this check box (which is cleared by default) controls the conditions under which the proxy settings that are specified are saved. Once you mark this box, specify one of the following conditions:
    • Save only if new: Proxy settings are only saved to machines that do not already have proxy settings defined. Any machines that are already configured to use a proxy server are left unchanged. Enter new information in the Proxy server list and Proxy bypass list options below. This is the default.
    • Always save: Proxy settings are always saved to the selected machine(s) by writing the proxy information to each machine’s Registry. Note that this affects all applications that use WinHTTP.
    • Always clear: Proxies are disabled for the machine(s) by setting the machines’ Registries to specify that no proxies are used. Note that this affects all applications that use WinHTTP.
  • Proxy server list: Enter the proxy server machine name(s) to use. This string cannot exceed 255 characters.
  • Proxy bypass list: Enter the proxy bypass information. This string cannot exceed 255 characters.

Syntax Information

Cherwell Asset Management processes the above strings exactly as entered, and cannot verify or modify syntax. If you need help with the syntax for specifying proxy information, search the Microsoft website for help.

Inventorying Machines

If you are inventorying machines, neither the access point nor the proxy information will be changed on the machine if the CAM Agent is already installed on it.

Note: The proxy server information is determined when you install or update the CAM Agent on machines. If proxy server information is updated by some other means after the CAM Agent is installed or updated, the proxy information displayed in the Options tab of the Machine Properties dialog box may not be accurate.