Troubleshooting Terminal Server Issues

Issues with Concurrent Applications

In a Terminal Server environment, you may encounter problems when you launch a concurrent application from a local machine's session, and then launch that same application from a Terminal Server session on the same machine.

Licenses are checked out on a per-machine basis so in this situation, two launches for the same application are reported but only one license is checked out.

The problem arises when you terminate either one of the application launches, because the application's license is checked back in at that point. The other instance of the application is still running, but no license is checked out for it and it will not appear in an Am I Compliant report. This can cause an organization to exceed its licensing agreement for the application.

Issues with Remote Takeover of Session

Note that when you perform a remote takeover of a Terminal Server session, Emmeter.exe doesn't start as expected.


  1. Configure Terminal Server to allow only one session per user. This means that if a user logs in using the same user account from a second machine, the second machine takes over the existing session from the first machine.
  2. Disable metering on the first machine and enable it on the second.
  3. Launch a remote desktop session to the server with a particular user name from the first machine. Emmeter.exe launches but then terminates as expected.
  4. Launch a remote desktop session to the same server using the same user name from the second machine. The session on the first machine is terminated, but the metering agent does not start on the second machine as expected.