Troubleshooting CAM Administrator

This topic provides tips for troubleshooting CAM Administrator and Reporting.

General Problems

  • Look in the Windows Event Viewer for errors.

Installation Problems

  • Try installing CAM Administrator on a different machine to determine if the problem is computer-specific.
  • Make sure the virus checker is not set to scan all files on open or copy.
  • Verify that you have administrator permissions on the computer you are installing the software to.

Performance Problems

If CAM Administrator takes a long time to open, check to see whether you have a virus program on your system configured to scan all files on open. For example, Norton AntiVirus has a setting called "Auto-Protect" that automatically scans files when they are opened, moved, copied, or created. By default, this setting is configured to only scan program files (*.exe, *.com, *.dll, *.doc, *.xls). If this setting is changed to scan all files, the performance of CAM Administrator is significantly impacted.

The solution is to turn off Auto-Protect scanning for all files, and instead, only scan program files on open. Further, if the system administrator is concerned about network traffic, turning this feature off should dramatically improve network performance.

CAM Administrator Not Responding

Some database operations can take considerable time to complete. During these operations, Cherwell Asset Management may cease updating the CAM Administrator screen, resulting in a "CAM not responding message" if you look in Task Manager.