Troubleshooting Virtual Environment Discovery

Collecting virtual guest information and SQL Server 2005 GUIDS are common issues with virtual environment discovery.

Issue: Discovery Completes but Virtual Guest Information Is Missing

Virtual environment discovery involves querying virtual hosts and virtual machine managers for host information and a list of guests for each host. Once guests are known, the guests themselves are queried to determine the guest operating system. Any issues with the second part of this process are written to the Vmdiscovery.log file (found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Asset Management\Administration Service on 64-bit machines). Also check the following:

  • Virtual guests must have remote access enabled:
    • The remote registry service must be up and running.
    • The inbound Remote Service Management rule must be enabled in firewall settings.
  • Virtual guests must be part of the domain. Depending on how the virtual environment was discovered (via the virtual machine manager or directly from the host), you will see an RPC error. You may also see a DNS lookup error attempting to contact the guest.
  • Virtual environment discovery finds virtual machines running Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

Issue: GUIDs Are Not Collected for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Virtual environment discovery does not collect GUIDs for Microsoft SQL Server 2005.