Access Is Denied

If you receive this message, try the following:

  1. Verify that remote access is allowed.
  2. Verify that the account you are using to deploy the agent can access the following folder:
    • \\{machinename}\c$\{windows}\syswow64 (64-bit machines)
    • \\{machinename}\c$\{windows}\system32 (32-bit machines)
    The CAM Administration Service is responsible for deploying the CAM Agent. Therefore, the computer running the CAM Administration Service must be able to access remote computers using the specified account. When you do the test above, log into the CAM Administration Service machine with the account you are using in CAM Administrator to deploy the agent and then test access to the \system32 (or \syswow64) folder.
  3. If step 1 above is successful, verify that you have WMI access by launching WMIViewer.html (from one of the locations mentioned earlier in this topic) and then remotely connect to the target machine. If you are unable to connect, do the following:
    • Verify WMI is enabled on the target machine.
    • Repair or reinstall WMI. For assistance, search the Microsoft website for instructions on repairing or reinstalling WMI.