If an On-demand Inventory Stalls

 This topic applies to on-premises installations.

If you run an on-demand inventory process that seems to stall (stay in the inventorying state indefinitely), it's possible that there is an issue with your local Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) user account.  

One way to tell is to search for and check the EmInvCli.log file on the machine on which the CAM Agent is installed. The following is an excerpt of an EmInvCli.log file that contains errors like those you might see if IIS is not correctly set up:

7/19/2004 12:46:14 - SOAPCLIENT_SEND_ERROR: (null) - 0

7/19/2004 12:46:24 - Communication Terminated: (null) - 0

7/19/2004 12:46:24 - Could not get Configuration file from Web Service.: (null) - 0

By default, when you set up IIS, a new local IIS user account is created. The name of this account is usually IUSR_<machine name>, sometimes followed by a numeral. If this user is not created, you may experience the above problem because the machine is unable to communicate with the IIS machine. To correct this problem, either reinstall IIS or manually create the account using Windows administrative tools. You can validate that this is the account IIS is attempting to use by viewing the Directory Security settings of the virtual directory (CAMAccessPoint or ExpressSoftwareManagerAP) created during access point installation. You can use the Internet Information Services control panel to view these settings.