Administrator User Policies Dialog Box

With Administrator user policies enabled, you can allow other users to have specified permissions to CAM Administrator.

 This topic applies to: CAM authentication

Getting There

To enable and configure Administrator user policies:

  1. Select one from the following options:
    • Enable Administrator user policies check box: The first user to check this check box becomes the administrator, with administrator privileges. When you enable user policies, any users who attempt to launch CAM Administrator afterward are prevented from doing so unless you've specifically granted permissions to them.
    • User name list: This list shows all users who have attempted to launch CAM Administrator, regardless of whether user policies are enabled, and includes domain and permissions information for each listed user. You can only make changes to this list when the Enable Administrator user policies check box, above, is checked.  
      • When user policies are enabled, you can add users to this list so you can give them permissions or deny access. To add users to this list, select Add.

        To change a listed user's permissions, select that user and select Change.

        Click Remove to remove selected users. When user policies are enabled, removing a user from this list has the same effect as marking that user as Not authorized.

    • Not Authorized Message: The bottom portion of this dialog box displays the message that users will see if they try to launch CAM Administrator and are not authorized to run it. You can change the text of this message by typing over the existing message.
  2. Click OK to save your changes.